The PSC Promotions and Outreach Team is involved in putting on events throughout McGill! Throughout the 2018-2019 school year we held quite a few fun events, many of which were done in collaboration with other McGill student organizations. Check out what we have been up to (and what we will be doing soon) below!

Orientation Week Tabling: We tabled at different events throughout McGill’s Orientation Week including, but not limited to, Discover McGill, Off Campus Connects, PGSS Welcome BBQ, and the Interfaculty Park Party! It was an awesome way for us to reach out to all sorts of incoming students and tell them about what we do!

Discover McGill, August 2017 

Open House Board Game Night: We opened up the doors to our space after hours, hosting all students for a night full of board games, snacks, and fun! Whether you were a master charade actor or a budding Jenga architect, this was a fantastic event for everyone!

Game Night, October 2017

Therapy Dogs: We invited volunteers from Blue Ribbon Therapy Dogs to share the joy during midterms! This semester we were excited to have Julia and her poodle Dancer. We can’t wait to see the puppy love that the Winter 2018 semester will bring

Therapy Dogs, November 2017

Wellness Yoga: We collaborated with McGill International Students Network (MISN) to host two wellness yoga sessions, led by student yoga enthusiasts. This event was open to all students and offered water, nutritious snacks, and a great atmosphere to de-stress during the period leading up to final exams.

Library De-Stress Table: Our promo team worked hard to assemble 150 wellness bags containing colouring supplies, candies, a pencil, easy microwavable meal recipes, and a handmade stress ball. We tabled at the McLennan/Redpath library complex to pass out these bags to students in the middle of the final exam period to help spread a little cheer to the student body!

Library Wellness Event, December 2017