Meet our executives and find out what each role entails.

Chair of Support Services

Leader of service and executive team. Collaborates with the Vice Chair to ensure operations are running smoothly. Schedules and leads weekly executive meetings. Meets with volunteers and service members for disciplinary action, feedback, and to offer support when needed. Utilizes leadership skills to keep the service running smoothly, and creating a positive service environment.


Current Chair: Sara Gmell (on leave). During Sara’s leave, please fell free to contact our Interim Chair, Leora Pearl-Dowler.

Why Sara loves PSC: I am passionate about PSC, because it is a welcoming non-judgmental service that creates a confidential peer-to-peer active listening setting, for students to utilize as a mental health resource. Peer Support creates a unique and helpful dynamic for students, as it allows them the opportunity to share whatever they like with other peers experiencing student life. Peer Support brings an empathetic and caring resource to campus, and I love the community that has been created within the service. Ultimately, I enjoy everything that I have learned so far from PSC, the values it promotes, the students have found help here, and the growing opportunity to help more students, enabling many to feel more integrated at McGill.

Vice Chair

Leader of operations and executive team. Collaborates with the Chair to ensure service and operations of the PSC are running smoothly. Responsibilities include overseeing the backend operations of the PSC, as well as working on projects to improve the experience of our volunteers.


Current Vice Chair: Louis Croquette

Why Louis loves PSC: I love being in the PSC because it provides such a valuable service to the McGill community, and everyone part of us works incredibly hard to ensure we continue being to able to assist those to come to our space.

Finance Coordinator

Responsible for creating annual and semester budgets as well as ensuring all of our expenses are properly reimbursed.


Current Finance Coordinator: Louis Croquette

Volunteer Coordinator

Role consists of two aspects: (1) volunteer engagement, and (2) volunteer support. Ensures that support resources are available to all of our volunteers and facilitates communication between volunteers and the rest of executive. Volunteer Coordinator supervises and organizes social, self-care, and appreciation events for volunteers, and manages a team of Support Leads who act as internal Peer Supporters for volunteers.


Current Volunteer Coordinator: Leora Pearl-Dowler (also acting as Interim Chair)

Why Leora loves PSC: The people! All of our volunteers are so kind, wonderful, and great be around. It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many people who care so much about others in the community. There are different obstacles that can prevent people from accessing mental health services and I think PSC can be a great first step or alternative for anyone wanting to talk!

Shift Lead Coordinator

Trains and supports the Shift Leads at the Peer Support Centre. Shift Leads are the people who greet you when you come in, and are trained to work with peers in extreme distress. Often, they are sources of support for peer supporters and can be invited into a session. They are also there to answer any of your questions about the service or related resources on campus! Our Shift Lead Coordinator manages the Mac campus expansion project to try to bring some peer support to our friends at the Macdonald campus.


Current Shift Lead Coordinator: Eleanor McGinn

Why Eleanor loves PSC: I think PSC is so important because nobody should ever have to go through tough times alone. I appreciate that PSC supporters support anyone in the McGill community, from going through a life-changing moment, wanting to talk about academic struggles, or complaints about a roommate that never cleans up. I feel so lucky to have joined PSC early in my degree so that I could be surrounded by such a diverse and caring group of people throughout my time at McGill, it’s certainly shaped my university experience for the better.

Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator schedules volunteers, enforces PSC policies, and provides logistical assistance during August training.


Current Logistics Coordinator: Darelle Agtang

Why Darelle loves PSC: I love that the PSC’s services are offered BY students FOR students. In this sense, the PSC is in a unique position to complement existing mental health services at McGill!

Training Coordinator

Responsible for organizing PSCs extensive August volunteer training. Provides relevant and well-organized training sessions throughout the year so our volunteers can continue to expand their knowledge. Our Training Coordinator oversee the content, logistics, and speakers for these trainings and does their best to ensure that the volunteers get a well-rounded training experience. Please contact our Training Coordinator if you have any questions about the training of peer support volunteers!


Current Training Coordinator: Allie Fong

Why Allie loves PSC: I love PSC because it provides a safe space for any student to seek support on any issue that they’d like to talk about. It’s a resource that caters to a diverse set of needs which is amazing! It’s also meant to meet everyone where they’re at and provide nonjudgemental and confidential support from peers, which can be very powerful. My favourite resource on campus is new Local Wellness Advisors (LWAs) that have just been put in place in most faculties.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Responsible for liaising and developing connections with relevant student groups and associations on-campus. Establishes relationships with peer support programs at other universities and in the community. Works with student groups on campus to offer workshops on a variety of topics, including active listening, resource referral and self-care (if you’d like to request a workshop, please complete this form: ).


Current Community Outreach Coordinator: Lindsay Burns

Why Lindsay loves PSC: I love PSC because of how accessible it is. Also my favourite other resource on campus is DriveSafe! You can call them any Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11pm-3am at (514) 398-8040 for a free ride home, anywhere on the Island of Montreal.

Program Evaluation Coordinator

Responsible for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data with the purpose of evaluating and improving the organization as a whole. This includes the PSC’s support services, promotional efforts, and training program. Primarily, our Program Evaluation Coordinator designs surveys and assessments, performs analyses on past and present data, writes reports, and makes recommendations based on data. Reach out to our Program Evaluation Coordinator for any questions regarding the kinds of measures they use to make this all possible!


Current Program Evaluation Coordinator: Ruby Atesoglu

Why Ruby loves PSC: Being with the most genuine group of people you can find, always ready to support you whenever you need! The value of peer support has only been gaining recognition in the past few years, and I feel very lucky to be part of one of the biggest organizations in Canada that strives towards making peer support a better experience for everyone involved.

Promotions and Outreach Coordinator

Responsible for the promotion of PSC on campus at McGill. Our Promotions and Outreach Coordinator manages a team of 6-8 Promo Team members who actively promote our services on campus through social media, events, and general outreach. If you’d like to collaborate with PSC, feel free to reach out!


Current Promotions and Outreach Coordinator: Serina Cole

Why Serina loves PSC: I love PSC because it’s a student-run service dedicated to helping people who are ultimately going through the same things you are. It’s accessibility and comforting atmosphere really provide students with the support they need–whether it be a simple venting session or a helping hand in resource referral. We cater to a diverse set of needs and I think this is why people love our service and want to keep coming back!