Workshop Requests

Interested in providing training to the members of your club, association, or service? Uncertain how
to organize workshops? Or just interested in learning more? The PSC Community Outreach
team is ready to hear you out.

The Peer Support Centre (PSC) is a confidential and non-judgmental listening service.
All of our supporters are well-trained with 40+ hours of training including active listening,
managing crisis situations, and more.

Previous Workshops Provided to the Community:
– Active Listening
– Guided self-care activities (e.g. art therapy, mindfulness)
– How to be there for a friend
– Beating Burnout
– Introduction to Mental Health
– Resource referrals
– Custom workshops!

Previous collaborations:
– The Empathy Journal
– …and more!

We would love to collaborate with your club! If you have any ideas for interesting workshops, the
PSC can make it a reality. The PSC has worked with a variety of clubs and organizations. Yours
can be next! Together, we can create custom workshops that best fit your club.

Volunteer Requests

Do you have an event that you would like to have peer supporters present? Please fill out this form and you will be contacted by someone from our Executive Team to confirm your request and that we will have supporters available.