Executive Team

The Peer Support Centre (PSC) Executive Team consists of ten McGill students, both undergraduate and graduate students. Our Executive is divided into two branches, with each Executive responsible for a specific portfolio.

We are currently recruiting for one executive team position: Equity and Accessibility Coordinator

Position & Application Details: Are you passionate about increasing accessibility of the PSC service? Are you constantly thinking of best equitable practices? Do you want to make positive changes to the PSC? 
What Does This Position Entail?
  • Directing and collaborating with a team of equity and accessibility volunteers
  • Ensuring communication and transparency between volunteers and exec team
  • Handle any grievance processes with involved volunteers
  • Act as a resource and advocate for volunteers and for people accessing the service
  • Identify gaps in existing equity and accessibility structures and frameworks within the PSC organization, and contribute to long-term sustainable improvements
  • Research and create reports to suggest relevant changes for best practices in equity and accessibility
What Can You Bring?
  • Passion! Open-mindedness! Drive for change!
  • A critical mind 
  • Ability to be leader and to be self-directed
Individuals with the following qualities are strongly encouraged to apply!
  • Familiarity with and commitment to equity principles
  • Diligence and Impartiality
  • Interest in student representation, advocacy, and education
  • Conflict resolution skills an asset
  • Strong communication skills an asset
No previous experience is required! We highly encourage anyone who is interested to apply. To apply, please email mcgill.psc@gmail.com regarding your interest by September 17th! There will be no written applications, but there will be an interview to be scheduled later.


Promotions and Outreach Team

The Promotions and Outreach Team consists of motivated undergraduate and graduate students who work together to increase McGill students’ familiarity and engagement with the PSC.

Applications for the Promotions and Outreach Team are now closed. 2022-2023 applications will open in March 2022!

Program Evaluation Team

The team’s mission focuses on evaluating and improving the work of the PSC, including survey development, analyzing data related to service usage and promotions, preparing regular reports with recommendations, and establishing peer support best practices through literature reviews and communications with other peer support programs.

Applications for the Program Evaluation Team are now closed. 2022-2023 applications will open in March 2022!

Peer Supporters

The PSC’s peer supporters are a diverse group of student volunteers committed to providing empathetic, empowering, and non-judgmental peer support and referrals to the McGill student community. We strive to choose peer supporters from all walks of life, ranging from first years to graduate students, psychology majors to engineering majors, and those with previous peer support experience to those without.

Applications for Peer Supporters are now closed. 2022-2023 applications will open in February 2022!

Active Listening Techniques Quiz: How familiar are you with active listening?

Are you intrigued to apply for a volunteer position with the PSC but unsure what “active listening” entails? Take this quiz and see!

You might know more than you think! No matter how you do, if learning more and practicing active listening interests you, consider applying as a peer supporter with the PSC! No past training or experience is necessary, and all peer supporters complete 40+ hours of training together to learn more about active listening and peer support.